Artist Statement:


Like a lot of artists, I started out as an amateur doing landscape and figure drawings. I studied art history as an undergraduate while pursuing a degree in science. My formal art training started as a young mother working full time in a medical laboratory.

Throughout my long career as a medical doctor I was able to fit in watercolor and drawing classes at night and on the weekends and progressed to attending college level and continuing education classes in photography, drawing, painting, and printmaking at PSU and Pacific Northwest College of Art. After finishing enough training to match an art degree, I worked with several professional artists in their own studios and attended workshops doing figure drawing and painting and landscape painting. Most recently I was able to take several classes in the use of soft pastels which have a magic of their own.

I love the Pacific Northwest and enjoy doing Plein Air painting although most of my works are finished in my studio from studies done on location. In addition I paint scenes from overseas travel.