Christine Wichers, Morning After, Oil, 16 3_4_ X 13 3_4_, $175.jpeg



NOV 5 - DEC 31, 2021


DEC 2 - 31, 2021

The 2021 SWA Holiday Show and Sale is a professional judged, non-juried show and sale representing a wide variety of 2D and 3D art media and disciplines by Northwest artists. Kathi Rick, of Art at the Cave, has been selected as judge. The show will be online and in person at The Cave in Vancouver, WA. 
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Best In Show
Janus Innes, The Space Between, black & white gesso, 30X40, $400.00.jpeg
The Space Between by Janus Innes
Wanda Brewster Award
Wanda Brewster Award - Mel McRobert, "Mc Neil Trail",
Wanda Brewster Award - Mel McRobert, "Mt Washington"
Wanda Brewster Award - Mel McRobert, "Summer Evening",
Trio of Paintings by Mel McRobert

Oil and Acrylic on Canvas

Award Winners
First Place - Frederick  Jones, "The Vigil"
2nd Place - Gina Kendall, "A Loving Bond"
3rd Place - John Turley, "The Second Chakra"
3rd Place - John Turley, "Birth"
3rd Place - John Turley, "Road to Golgotha"
Honorable Mention - Elaine Evans, "Tree of Life"
Honorable Mention - Denise Clark Weston, "Rocks at Embarcadero"
Space In Between by Janus Innes

Watercolor and Acrylic on Paper

Award Winners
First Place - Susan Marmolejo Kipp, "Jalapeño Peeper"
2nd Place - Diana Thewlis, "Covid Nightmare",
3rd Place - Janice Tracy, "Fiery Furnace II"
Honorable Mention - Tao Zhou, "Waiting to board"
Honorable Mention - Joan Giddings Turley, "Moonglow"

All other mediums

Award Winners
1st Place - Richard Helmick, "Bea"
2nd Place - Liz Walker, "The Summer Knows"
3rd Place - Katey  Sandy, "A Breakthrough"
Honorable Mention - Diane Hurst, "Bird's Eye View"
Honorable Mention - Gail Haskett, "Subtle Tree"