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Artist Statement:

My art is inspired by many life experiences and those I am still to have. I am stimulated by the variety of colors and see now that bold color brings me joy. I love the fluid movement of my work which becomes a "dance" with the canvas. I am always excited to see the end product of my painting. Many paintings become an association with island life. When I begin a painting, I have no preconceived idea of what image will appear on my canvas as this develops through the process of flow, pallet knives, and brushes. I work with my canvas setting flat on a table so I can view it from all angles. The painting evolves with new colors or layers added to the canvas. Each painting is open to the viewer's introspection. The end result always creates an emotion of surprise and delight. People that see my art are moved by the fluid nature of my piece and bright colors. Many say it brightens their lives and home and often takes them back to the islands.

Debbie Tracey is an independent artist working with acrylic paint and mediums. Having grown up on

Kauai pulls many of her ideas from experiences and the beauty of the islands. Debbie graduated from Pacific University in Oregon with a degree in Fine Arts, adding a Master’s Degree in Education. She taught for 30 years and art was one of the topics she loved to share with her students.

Her studio is on the Puget Sound in Olympia, Washington, Tracey finds inspiration in her island upbringing. The vibrancy of island life works its way into each of her abstracts. “My joy comes from bold color!” Tracey explains. “I also love the fluid movement of my work, which becomes a ‘dance’ with my creative soul.” This fluidity comes from her loose painting process, which involves pouring paint onto the canvas, moving and sculpting it with a pallet knife, and adding layers. Her combined use of color and texture creates a unique flow that evokes the natural beauty of Kauai. While she doesn’t always start with a particular subject in mind, many of Tracey’s paintings morph into abstract depictions of nature. “Each painting is an experiment with color and movement, which creates a unique and dynamic piece,” she says. “I usually start with choosing colors and go from there, mixing and moving them around the canvas. I work with my canvas laying flat on a table so I can view it from many angles. The painting evolves with new colors or layers added to the canvas.” Some of Tracey’s major artistic influences include Bette Ridgway and Caliche and Pao. She notes that “their color pallets greatly influenced my choices of color. Bright, wild, and exciting!” Viewers and collectors often comment that Tracey’s lively abstracts bring a smile to their faces and joy to their home.

Many have felt refreshed by the presence of island life and warmth in her paintings. Tracey is a member of The Artists’ Gallery in Olympia and shows her work at The Artists’ Gallery in Olympia, WA, Museum Contempo in Shelton, WA, Art At The Cave in Vancouver, WA, Phoenix Rising Art Gallery in Vancouver, WA, The Valley Athletic Club in Tumwater, Wa, Mosaic Arts Alliance in Vancouver, WA, Society of Washington Artists in Vancouver, WA, Xanadu Catalog in Scottsdale, AZ, and Perks Of Art in Hillsboro, OR. Her work is available to see on her website:

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