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B. Gail Haskett lives in Battle Ground, WA with her husband and dogs. She is a retired gerontologist who started her artistic work in fused glass in 2005 and began producing professionally when she retired in 2015. Her work has been displayed in several galleries and community art fests.  In addition to her individual creations, she accepts commissioned work. She is a member of several artist guilds including the Pacific Northwest Glass Guild, Mosaic Arts Alliance, Society of Washington Artists, and the Battle Ground Art Alliance.

Artist Statement

Fused glass art touches the Soul; glass artwork can speak to an individual in a way like no other medium! Light cascades off the glass, catching and illuminating a variety of images and patterns that will touch you differently each time. When you “see” a piece that you connect with, you know it.

That’s the magic that captured my interest in creating unique one-of-a-kind fused glass artwork years ago. As a naturalist, I feel most inspired by the very small vignettes that are offered in my daily walks and hikes: a leaf, animal, tree, or even a blade of grass! My work is engaging in its’ simplicity.

I am an avid outdoorswoman! I garden, hike, kayak, camp, and even scuba dive! I love the diversity and beauty of everything in nature, and respect all she has to offer! I am grateful to be given this gift of life; I aspire to be a good wife, mother, grandmother, a friend of people and dogs, neighbor, and artist. That is my goal: a life well-lived.