Artist Statement:


Art is my wonderful lifetime therapy. I love to look at it, think about it, and do it. Even though I had won art classes while in Grade School, I didn’t get serious about art until my thirties. I had no art instruction aside from the required classes with Pre-Ed in college. I started with a palette knife,(loved it) from Ruth Smith, and since then I have taken lots of oil, drawing, and watercolor classes from various local teachers, one of whom, Brian Tichenoir, got me to join the SWA. I have taken classes from many of the wonderful Clark Instructors. After a two-year stay in Taiwan with my family, I had many photos I wanted to paint from and I do love Asian art. Having displayed and sold art all over for so many years I am thinking it’s time for my works to start showing up in yard sales. Some of the best things about art :

1.   When the washable acrylic came five kids, house, and clothes benefited from that.

2.    The way doing art makes you forget worries and things; like when my husband was due to fly over the volcano in a small plane shortly after its original blow. I was going to be a nervous wreck but I went to watercolor class anyway and never thought about it until I saw the mountain puffing on my way home!

There is a huge bonus to doing art meet the nicest people.