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linda w and spring at mountain ranch.jpg

Artist Statement:


Art for me is a form of time travel, an act of resistance against limitations and constraints, against pain and sorrow.

The very act of oil painting conjures memories of lessons with my Great Great Aunt Lolly, whose indomnitable spirit and love of art inspired me. To begin her day she had to pour hot wax on her arthritic hands, to loosen them so she could paint. The smell of linseed oil reminds me still today of her and the summer painting lessons she gave me as a young girl one year.

I am driven to paint so I can see a memory, a beloved person, a garden, pet, a wild thing or favorite place. I paint to experience it again, and to share it. I am driven to paint to build my skills so I will be able to create new places in space and time that will transport me and the viewer beyond today.