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Nho Nguyen

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Nho Nguyen is a graduate of the Fine Art National College of Hue Vietnam. Nho Nguyen was an artist and decorator of exhibiting art in Vietnam. He joined the Army of the Republic of Vietnam. He became a platoon leader and served as a second lieutenant. After the downfall of South Vietnam, Nguyen was imprisoned for serving in the South Vietnamese Army. He spent over six years in what the government referred to as a “re-education camp’’, chopping wood, farming, and subsisting on not much more than from the suffering and hopelessness of prison.

Mr. Nguyen’s family, considered refugees, arrived in the United States in the Spring of 1995. He has studied Fine Art at Portland Community College, and he is currently a designer and an artist in Vancouver, WA.

Artist’s Statement

Cutting deeply into wood board, Nho’s heartbeat flows with the sound of the hammer and chisel. Gouging against this hard wood medium leaves strange happy accidents where colors of green, red, and yellow settle, stand, sink, and flow in the textured surface. Lines produced along the edges create dynamic shapes and prisms forging out a new universe. All this presses deeply into his mind and opens the heart to peaceful horizons.

Painting to Heal

By James Hochspeier, Artist

Nho uses art as a bridge to healing.

Color and line help to change the vibrations of essential essence.

Cleansing the cruel visions of war’s horrors witnesses in the past.

Daily use of color aids Nho in seeking balance in a world subjugated to personal accomplishment.

Fractured movement delivered by line pierce expanses of color in an intrepid rhythmic fashion.

Space is bisected by times teasing deliberate rhythmic beat tight phrasings of color scream in captivity before the moment of their wild release into the ethers.


Solo Exhibitions in the USA

2016     High and Low Gallery – Portland, OR

2015     Terwilliger Plaza –  Portland, OR

2013     Tilted Art and Gifts – Seaside, OR

2012     Portland Open Studios – Portland, OR

2011     The Geezer Gallery – Portland, OR

2008     Portland Open Studio – Portland, OR

2008     Janovec, Studio/Gallery – Portland, OR

2008     Shear Water Gallery – Seaside, OR

2007     Studio Fine Art Gallery Donatello –  Portland, OR

2006     White Sturgeon Art Gallery – Vancouver, WA

2005     Portland Open Studio – Portland, OR

2005     Congie Fine Art Gallery – Portland, OR

2004     Alberta Arts Pavilion – Portland, OR

2003     Mount Hood Community | College Fireplace Gallery –  Portland, OR

2003     Hearthstone Community at Murrayhill Art Gallery – Beaverton, OR

2003     Fine Art Gallery –  Seaside, OR

2002     Interstate Firehouse Culture Center – Portland, OR


Group Exhibitions

2022     Society of Washington Artists, Fall Show, First Place Award – Vancouver, WA

2015     Discovery Museum Art Gallery – Portland, OR

2015     Profile Theatre – Portland, OR

2013     The Tilted Art and Gifts – Seaside, OR

2010- 2013       The Geezer Gallery – Portland, OR

2009     The Artist’s Vision Juried Show – Lake Oswego, OR

2009     Gresham Art Committee’s 12th Annual Juried Art Exhibit – Portland, OR

2005     Broderick Gallery – Portland OR

2005     Portland Community College, “Juried Show: Art Beat” First Place award painting – Portland, OR

2005     Doll Gardner Gallery – Portland, OR

2003     Alley Kats Gallery, “Ages 192- Times Warped” – Seaside, OR

1999-2002        Portland Community College, “Juried Show: Art Beat” First Place award painting Portland, OR

1997     Northwest Vietnamese Artists Association Show – Gresham City Hall, OR

Public Collections

Interstate Fire Culture Center, Gallery – Portland, OR

There are many of Mr. Nguyen’s works in private collections in Japan, France, Vietnam, Canada, and the USA.


2012     American Art Collector. Juried Competition of New York

2010     American Art Collector. Juried Competition of New York

2007     Pelican Post Winter, ”Art: Which way is up?”

2005     The Asian Reporter, Interviewed by Dave Johnson, “Four Asian American artists open their studios”

2005     The Oregonian, Interviewed by Angie Chuang, “A Soldier’s Refuge”

2004     Dat Viet, Interviewed by Tran Pham My

2004     Book “Warriors: On Living with Courage, Discipline, and Honor” Edited by Loren W. Christensen. Chapter “Fire, Blood, and Paint” by Nho Nguyen as told to Loren W. Christensen

2003     The Oregonian, “Creativity sustains artist through war, suffering” interviewed by Lisa Daniels

2003     The Asian Reporter, “No Still Life” Interviewed by Polo

2003     Phuong Dong Times, Interviewed by Lu Yen


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