2016 SWA Spring Open Show

Thank you to everyone who entered our open judged show. Congratulations to all our winners

BEST IN SHOW - By the Light of the 15th Street Glow by Hilarie Couture

Oil and Acrylics Category Awards

1st Place - Afognak Bear, Oil by Ruth Schmidt

2nd Place - Evening's Howling Chill, Oil by Hilarie Couture

3rd Place - The Gatherer, Acrylic by Kathryn Delany

Honorable Mentions in Oil and Acrylic Categories

Oh No! oil by Lila Martin

Hike - acrylic by Davied Collier

Pears V - Oil by Sharon Dambrosio

Subtle Sail Oil by Christine DeBuse

Watercolor Category

1st Place - Wooded Journey by Joyce Fry

2nd Place - Awakening by Mikiko Flynn

3rd Place - Mediterranean Pathways by Katey Sandy

Honorable Mentions in Watercolor

Holy Moley - Acrylic by Carolyn Gunderson

Just Chatting - Watercolor by Diana Thewlis

Bird of Paradise - Watercolor by Mikiko Flynn

Pastels Category Awards

1st Place - Morning Sentinel by Carole Morris

2nd Place - Dollars in the Sand by Carole Morris

3rd Place - Monk or Not by Earlene Holmstrom

Honorable Mentions in Pastel

Baby Steps by Chris Fry

Black and White Category Awards

1st Place - Moon Jellyfish by Barbara AW Wright

2nd Place - 2 Days Old by Christina Cox

3rd Place - The Skeptic - Charcoal by Tom Debuse

Honorable Mentions in Black and White

Wolf in Pencil by Ryen Russell

Mixed Media Category Awards

1st Place - Letter To My Love II by Kathryn Delany

2nd Place - Little Miss Lollypop by Larry Moore

3rd Place - Torn Up by Katey Sandy

Honorable Mentions in Mixed Media

Animals Galore by Ann Amies

Wonderful Day - digital painting by Jody Lacy

Dual Waves by Isaac Smith

3D Category Awards

1st Place - Sneaky Eel by Lonny Morgan

2nd Place - Moab by Susan Kramer

3rd Place - Earthworks by Annamarie Clement

Honorable Mentions in 3D

After the Drought by Linda Kliewer

Alert by David Collier

Award winners at the 2016 Spring Show


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