We Learn Some Secret Potions

Karen Madsen, Artstra President and SWA Spring Show Judge, treated the January meeting attendees with some old masters' techniques and some new secret shortcuts for creating grounds and glues that give your paintings the foundation that they need to become the luminous creations you had envisioned.

Madsen cooked up an old-school pot of rabbit skin glue and added some ground marble to make gesso just like the old masters did. After a few coats, the painting foundation is a beautiful cool white, sandable, but with a paper-like tooth that picks up graphite easily.

Madsen also shared a few more modern gesso and glue finds with the group. If she offers workshops in the future, attendees would recommend signing up.

The January meeting was on Saturday, January 18th at Clark College's Frost Arts Center. We will have another Saturday meeting at Clark College in March. Watch the front page for up-to-date meeting times.