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Debbie Tracey

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Artist Statement:

My art draws inspiration from a myriad of life experiences, both past and anticipated. When embarking on a painting, I embrace spontaneity, allowing the image to unfold organically through the interplay of flow, palette knives, and brushes. The bold use of color brings me joy, and the fluid movement in my work feels like a dance with my creative soul. This dynamic fluidity stems from my loose painting process, involving pouring paint, sculpting with a palette knife, and layering. In this creative journey, I aim to capture the natural beauty of Kauai through a unique flow of color and texture. Many of my paintings transform into abstract depictions of nature, each piece an experiment in color and movement, resulting in distinctive and dynamic artwork. I prefer working with the canvas lying flat to explore different perspectives, allowing the painting to evolve with the addition of new colors and layers. Using various tools, I've developed a signature style that captivates viewers with its bright and bold colors, inviting introspection and evoking surprise and delight.

Debbie Tracey is an independent artist working with acrylic paint and mediums. Based in Olympia, Washington, with roots in Kauai, her studio overlooking the Puget Sound serves as a source of inspiration. The vibrancy of island life infuses itself into my abstracts. Influenced by artists like Bette Ridgway and Caliche and Pao, their vibrant color palettes significantly impact her own choices—bright, wild, and exciting. Tracey is a  member of Rectangle Gallery in Centralia, WA,ISEA, Society of Washington Artists, Puget Sound Group NW and shows or has shown work in Washington, California, Arizona, and Oregon.

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