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Artist Statement:

Claudia has drawn and painted since she was little, with her first exhibited work when she was in junior high school.  Her education included two years of fine arts at UCLA before settling on English literature as her major.  She has an MA in International and Comparative Education, also from UCLA.  Her career first at UCLA and then at UCSB spanned 30 years, but in 2008 she took early retirement to concentrate fully on her art. 


  Since then she has been a professional artist, continuing to study and paint the natural world, especially wildlife. She aims to portray a wide range of natural relationships and portraits.  Travels to the Galapagos, Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Central America, Canada, Iceland, and parts of the U.S. have afforded opportunities to gather knowledge and resource materials. She also continues to take workshops from internationally renowned artists such as John Banovich, Terry Isaacs, Guy Combes. 


  Her passion is the conservation of the natural world, and her goal is to portray the complex beauty of nature, capture the essence of wildlife, and inspire the viewer.


  Her paintings are in private collections nationally and internationally.

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