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Artist Statement:

The art Sandra creates helps the viewer discover something new and inspiring.


A multi-media artist, she brings excitement as archetypical stories arise from the canvas.


Sandra lives, laughs, and loves “out of the box.” As a dedicated artist and creative thinker, she brings enthusiasm, energy, and expectancy to her artworks, moving others to live their best life.


Sandra is committed to sharing vitality with others through her artworks, always with the intent of guiding the viewer towards their remarkable personal evolution.


She says, “at age 80, I have come into the best life through art and enjoy discovering more life, fun, and mystery as I paint on canvas.


Her educational background includes numerous honors and degrees in art, psychology, business, technology, and spirituality.

Sandra is an Acclaimed artist who has gained recognition in many books and articles for her creativity and high ethical work standards.

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