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Artist Statement:

I'm Sandra Longmore
...a master magician of the canvas, weaving spells of wonder and enchantment with my multi-media artwork. My secluded mountain-top studio serves as a portal to the mystical realm, where I draw inspiration from the world's natural wonders.

My artistic style is rooted in the ancient art of enchantment, infusing Magical Realism with a touch of my magic to create paintings that transport the viewer to another realm. With my mastery of traditional drawing and oil painting, I imbue each brush stroke with a touch of the ethereal, using symbols and colors to create otherworldly images that bewitch the senses.

My paintings are more than just art - they are gateways to a world of mystery and magic. Those who gaze upon my works are drawn into the world I have created, eager to explore and discover its secrets. My mastery of enchantment has earned me a legion of devoted fans who eagerly seek out my paintings to add a touch of magic to their lives.

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