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Marshall Miller

Artist Photo - M. Miller - 2023.jpg

Artist Statement:

My story is fairly simple: girl found paint, paint was applied to surface, girl fell in love, girl wimps out at pursuing an art degree, girl takes a few years away from painting to complete a Mechanical Engineering degree, woman graduates and finally has the time to paint again, woman re-falls in love with painting. And now we are all roughly caught up.


Having grown up in the mountains in Southern Oregon, I fell in love with painting the extraordinary scenes that were right outside my back door. As an adult, my muse has stayed the same. Through most of my work, there will be the presence of nature, usually local scenes to Southern Washington where my husband and I currently reside.


I have learned to love the combination of dichotomies; combining the 2D with the 3D, abstract with realism, and the calm with the disturbed. I enjoy giving the observer the urge to reach out and touch the art, to connect with it in an unconventional way.


Over the past few years, I have found an appreciation for the discipline of landscape painting and the playful freedom that abstract offers. Allowing for both the acknowledgement of visual beauty as well as the emotional. My work is primarily acrylic with the incorporation of wood, fiber, and other various textural elements.

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