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Cheryl Folkers

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Artist Statement:


I’m Cheryl Folkers and live in southwestern Washington, surrounded by beauty and color. I have always loved art, and have been drawing and painting portraits since I was a child. After my own family was raised, I enthusiastically entered into the world of art and began painting with a passion. I am always looking for new subject material and keep my camera close, looking for subjects to photograph and paint. I also do consignment work with the goal of creating the truest representation possible of a person or landscape. 

My landscape subject matter is usually nature, whether waterfalls or mountains, bringing me back to my Montana roots where I grew up.  II have lived in SW Washington for the past 35 years and love the forests, rivers and ocean, and all that the surrounding beauty provides.  I love the challenge of capturing being at a certain place, almost as though I can feel the breeze and smell the sea.

As I explore this new adventure, I have found it both intimidating and rewarding, while providing a journey to new and creative experiences. I have taken classes from many instructors including Max Ginsburg, Robin Damore and many others. I am a member of Northwest Oil Painting Guild and Portrait Society of America, and have been invited to join my instructor at the next Portrait Society of America convention in the spring of 2024.

Feel free to contact me with any questions at

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