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Ron Jones

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The Enigmatist

                                Depth is my gateway into the Black and White


My graphic linework pen and ink drawings are designed in relation to my life experiences, my walk with God, my connection to Source, and over 25 years of employment in the world of nanotechnology manufacturing.


Life started in 1968 with my birth in Santa Barbara California to parents that I have never known.  I was adopted within 2 weeks and spent my first 11 years in Ventura, California.  My adoptive parents then divorced and I spent the rest of my creative days with my mother and sister in the Pacific Northwest with trips to Southern California 2-3 times a year to visit my father.


Although I’ve never known my birth mother and father, I realize that it’s their DNA line that is the essence to the creation and definitions within my work.  I was raised with the values and teachings of my adoptive parents and at the core of my DNA is the unknown relationship with my birth mother and father. This relationship through being raised by my adoptive parents, as well as a DNA connection with birth parents that I’ve never known, is what I define as my Source.  The deepest core of each drawing is foreseen and created through this Source. Dr. Wayne Dyer described and taught about Source, which taught me how to enigmatically draw my connections to it.


I received my 1st professional opinion in 1998 after completing 2 original drawings.  The comments were very positive, so the spark was lit.  Then in 2016, with over 50 originals completed and my detailed imagery was at its finest, a prominent Seattle Print Gallery said that my work was great but unmarketable.  Why?  Because I work in a non-respected genre. Ouch!  Well, essentially my work is all but a perfected doodle…but not at its core. To give my drawings respect I spend hundreds of hours covering 90% of the paper with ink, 1/8th inch scale, and at 30 x 40 inches. Then I let the public decide.  😊


Studies of various art visionaries and graphic masters have continually progressed my imagery. M.C. Escher, Victor Vasarely, and Bridget Riley are my main Op Art and graphic inspirations.  From these 3 amazing artists, my focus is on Escherian Mathematics and his Impossible Imagery.


Since my first exhibition in 1998 with SWA in Vancouver, WA at the Historic Columbia Arts Center, I have consistently marketed my work through the collectives of non-profit galleries.  The inspiration and drive I receive from fellow artists and art patrons about my drawings have given me the passion to do what I can to help market their work as well.


Ron Jones

Members Curator

A/NT Gallery

Seattle, WA

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