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Recapping the Inaugural 2023 Vancouver Arts and Music Festival: A Showcase of Talent

This year marked the inception of what we hope will become an iconic tradition in Vancouver — The Vancouver Arts and Music Festival. And let me tell you, it truly was a splendid initiation!

The sprawling grounds were an amalgamation of arts, music, and creativity. The central attractions, without a doubt, were the art exhibitions, where many of our Society of Washington Artists members proudly showcased their talent. The festival was not just an event; it was a testament to the burgeoning art scene in Vancouver, and a clear indicator of the thriving artistic community that we have nurtured.

The Art Shows: A Feast for the Eyes

The Regional Art Show, predominantly featuring local artists, was an expansive canvas of 169 distinctive artworks. The National Art Show at the Hilton Hotel elegantly displayed 43 pieces. From contemporary abstracts to traditional landscapes, both shows embodied the pulse of the art community. The representation of the Society of Washington Artists' members was especially prominent. In terms of sales, the enthusiasm was palpable, with artworks garnering a collective sum of just under $10K.

Recognizing the Best: The Awards

Judging art, especially when the caliber is so high, is no simple task. Our esteemed judges, Susan Kuznitsky for 2-Dimensional work and Chas Martin for 3-Dimensional pieces faced this daunting challenge head-on. Judging was done "blind", ensuring utmost fairness and objectivity, relying solely on preview images and the in-person artwork.

The accolades celebrated the creme de la creme in various categories. Here are the proud winners and honorable mentions:

Vancouver Arts and Music Festival's Regional Art Show Awards

steve mccarthy cello vancouver arts and music festival best in show
Steve McCarthy - Cello

Best in Show Steven McCarthy - Cello


1st Lisa Raymer – The Cart

2nd Virginia Bittler – Peace on the Canal

3rd Abhisar Gupta – Seven Cardinals

HM Ed Martin - Kona Nightlife

HM Lisa Raymer – More Rain Forecast

HM Leslie Struxness – True Colors

Still Life/Floral

1st Virginia Bittler – Yellow Peonies

2nd Mary Emert - Peony

3rd Judith Howard - Sunshine

HM Peggy Patton – Autumn Duo

HM Sue Tellock - Summer Night Sky

HM Mary Emert - Blooming


1st Blue Bond - Teamwork

2nd Chris Briggs - Resilience

3rd Leslie Struxness – Underwater Wonders

HM Sally Lemon – It’s The Bobcat

HM Lori Holliday - Mooney Blues

HM Mary Emert – Blue Cat Blues


1st Joan Cavallaro – First Light

2nd Phillip Vourvoulis – Circle of Life - 2021

3rd Katey Sandy - Abstract Landscape #1

HM Allen Oliver – Rumors of War

HM Renee Bryant – Tangerine Dream

HM Joan Cavallaro - Macaw


1st Blue Bond – Cuban Cigar Lady

2nd Richard Ferguson - Medusa

3rd Michael Lindberg – Portrait Study in Vermillion – Over The Shoulder

HM Earlene Holmstrom – Tommy Emerging

HM Marian Neumann – Chief At The Round-up

HM Lisa Raymer – The Smoker

Regional 3-Dimensional

1st Stephen Walter – Untitled #1

2nd Teri Fehrendorf – Crow Shaman

3rd Arnold Schwantz – Is That You?

HM Linda Kliewer – Black Geranium

HM Cheryl Hazen - Elephants

Vancouver Arts and Music Festival's National Art Show Awards

ann fleming artist artwork misori spring sculpture vancouver arts and music festival
Ann Fleming - Midori Spring

BEST IN SHOW Ann Fleming – Midori Spring

National 2-D Show

1st Wendy Davis – C’est La Vie

2nd Christopher Mooney – Cleveland Bridges

3rd Deborah Morales – Bunny Foo Foo

HM Ann Fleming – Long Afternoon

HM Claudia Chapman – Sea Dance

National 3-Dimensional

1st Phillip Vourvoulis – Blue Illusion

2nd Richard Britscghi – Desert Scorpion

3rd Phillip Vourvoulis – Cosmic Amoebas

HM Kenneth Meyer – Dawn Patrol

HM Richard Britscghi - Mosquito

A Word of Thanks

A hearty shout-out to all the members of the Society of Washington Artists who took part, volunteered their time, and ensured things ran smoothly. Your dedication, hours committed, and especially the community spirit was instrumental in the success of this mammoth event. We also extend our gratitude to all members who volunteered at the festival. Without your unwavering support and dedication, this inaugural event wouldn’t have been possible.

As we wrap up our reflections on this grand event, let us remember the essence of the festival — celebration. A celebration of art, talent, community, and collective achievement. Here's to many more years of artistic excellence and community bonding!

Created by Angela Swanson, SWA Member, and Webmaster


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