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Five Fantastic Ways You Can Support Local Artists

There are a bunch of ways to support dedicated creatives in our society. Perhaps, in the past, buying artwork was the only major way to directly support artists, but with the rise of the internet comes so many other opportunities to promote the careers of artists in your local community.

Even with small actions, you can make a big difference in the career of an artist. Additionally, by supporting local artists, you will be:

● Celebrating the originality that artists bring to your community

● Promoting tourism through the arts

● Helping an artist become more widely recognized

● Uniting your community through creativity

● Inspiring young ones who live in your town to become artists themselves

One upcoming way you can support the local Washington art community is through attending The Society of Washington Artists 2021 Holiday Show and Sale. The show is online (November 5–December 31) and in-person (December 2–31) at The Art at the Cave Gallery in Vancouver, Washington, and is the perfect opportunity to see and buy a diverse range of artists.

As eloquently said by George Washington, “To encourage literature and the arts is a duty which every good citizen owes to his country.” So, how can you support the arts around you in addition to buying work? Keep reading below because we’ve got lots of easy and actionable ideas for you.

1. Interact with their Social Media

This is a big one and is so easy to do. Nowadays, most artists have accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in addition to their own websites. If you like someone’s art, even just hitting the “follow” button can make a positive impact on their career.

Another great and easy way to engage with artists’ social media is by leaving a positive comment. Not only is it uplifting for an artist’s morale, but the interactions that posts receive can truly affect how visible it is. So, if you like what you see, let the artist know by writing a quick and genuine note for them. This could be on Facebook, Instagram, or more. Most platforms offer a “share” option where you can send a specific post out so your friends can see it, too. These small actions can have a very tangible impact on the online visibility of artists.

Additionally, many artists might even have “testimonials” or something of the like. If you commissioned a piece of art, for example, you could offer some of your time to leave a public note on their website if the artist is interested.

2. Attend Art Events

While artists have a personal drive to make their artwork, they surely appreciate external motivation as well. By going to an event—whether it be an exhibition, studio visit, or something else—artists can experience that appreciation.

This absolutely includes going to virtual exhibitions or events like live-streamed artist talks! Online events are becoming more and more common, and even if you can’t walk into an exhibition, you can leave a comment or share the link on social media to show your engagement with a certain virtual event.

Events that experience a low attendance may not be repeated. So, if you’re interested, don’t let the opportunity go by! Just being there can really make a difference and help maintain the vibrance of your local art community.

3. Buy Local

Like always, buying local is a great way to support the overall health of your community. This goes for artwork, too! There’s so much talent around you, so definitely consider keeping it local when buying artwork. This will help the art scene immediately around you thrive and allow regional artists to keep their practice going.

You can find local artists easily online through art associations like ours, the Society Washington of Artists, who list their members online. If you’re an artist yourself, you can advertise certain events coming up with your association to further promote your fellow local artists and yourself.

Additionally, art makes thoughtful gifts for loved ones. As you begin your holiday shopping, consider art since it makes such a meaningful, personalized present—picking out a one-of-kind work of art to give to someone is a very considerate way to show affection. This holiday season, you can find many diverse local artists’ work at affordable prices in the 2021 SWA Holiday Show and Sale.

4. Commission Artwork

Do you want to support your favorite local artist but have a more specific idea in mind for the artwork you want to buy? Commissioning an artwork is a fantastic way to do this! Many artists welcome commissions and will make artwork tailored to your life or made to size for a specific space.

Of course, many artists offer portrait commissions, but you could also commission an abstract painting or another type of art in the unique style of your favorite artist.

5. Take Art Classes

This is an interesting one. Many artists offer workshops or classes to share their unique talents with a broader audience! Look around for a local artist who does this if it sounds like it's up your alley. Maybe start with what media you’d like to learn about and find an artist working in that media to see what sorts of things they offer.

This goes along with engaging with their social media. It’s so easy to keep up-to-date with what artists are doing by following their social media! Keep an eye out for any events the artist is hosting that might interest you.

Hopefully, this gives you plenty of ideas for how you can engage with all the brilliant voices around you. Amidst a time of more and more globalization, artists still endlessly create and contribute their perspective to the world, and small actions can truly build up to make a tangible positive effect on the careers of artists around you.


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