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New Watercolor Class Offered by Diana Thewlis

Diana Thewlis will be offering a Watercolor Techniques class through Clark College Community and Continuing Education. It will be held Mondays from 10 am to 12 pm at the Columbia Tech Center campus. This is an 8-week class starting September 27th. Space is limited. Diana’s Watercolor Technique class is for the new and returning student. The class concentrates on learning further aspects of watercolors such as the specifics of the different colors and their applications and working on different surfaces. The understanding composition will be emphasized. Exercises and projects (such as landscapes) will be assigned, but students can feel free to pursue their own projects. Weekly demonstrations and critiques, as well as individual help, will be given to help express your creativity in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere. It is recommended to have had a beginning watercolor class or some experience with watercolor. The cost is $159 for all eight sessions.

“Art has always been my passion. I feel compelled to paint and draw and to pass along what I know through teaching. Solving visual challenges is to be exciting and engaging. When I’m in “the zone”, the whole world falls away, because I have jumped into and am living in the painting. I am sharing my love of art and positive vision of the world to others.”

As a child, Diana spent a great deal of time running all over the Mall in Washington, D.C., especially haunting the galleries and museums. She fell in love with the smell of paint, turpentine, and clay, and with all the amazing work the artists produced. One of the artists, Edwin Pearson became her mentor and encouraged my explorations in art.

She paints all subject matter, although most of her works are figurative or nature related, capturing moments, concepts, and telling stories through imagery. She is by nature a traditional realist but explores the limitless possibilities of abstract work. Her principal media are watercolors, mixed media, pencil, pen and ink, and soft pastels. She also works in charcoal, oil pastels, acrylics, gouache, and collage.

She is a retired adjunct professor of the Academy of Art University and has also taught classes and workshops at other venues. After many years working first as a graphic artist, then graphic designer, product illustrator, technical illustrator, and finally contract illustrator, she retired to concentrate on full-time drawing and painting. She has participated in several shows, won many awards, and has judged numerous art shows. Her work resides in the Air Force Art Collection and in various private collections in the U.S.A and abroad.



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