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Award Winners of SWA 2021Holiday Art Show

Society of Washington Artists (SWA) is co-hosting an art show for the holiday season. During the month of December, The Art at the Cave in Downtown Vancouver, Washington. There are three categories this year: oil and acrylic on canvas, watercolor, and acrylic on paper, and all other mediums. There were 132 submissions and 100 were juried into an exhibition at the Art at the Cave Gallery for December.

The artwork was Juried by Kathi Rick of the Art at the Cave Gallery. At the awards presentation on Saturday, December 4th, Kathi gave a talk of how she chose the artwork to be displayed and how she determined who would win the awards. First, second, third, and two honorable mentions were awarded for each of the three categories as well as Best In Show and Wanda Brewster Award (first-time award) Cash prizes and certificates were presented to each of the award winners.

If you have a moment, stop by the Art at the Cave Gallery at 108 E. Evergreen Blvd., Vancouver, Washington before December 31st and see this great exhibit. You can also view all the artwork submitted online on our home page. You can purchase your favorite piece in our shop.

Kathi Ricks discussed the factors that went into the award decision-making process.


Best in Show

Space Between by Janus Innes - SOLD

The Wanda Brewster Award

The Trio of Landscape Paintings by Mel McRobert - "McNeil Trail", "Mt. Washington", and "Summer Evening"

Oil and Acrylics on Canvas

First Place

Fredrick Jones - "The Vigil" - SOLD

Second Place

Gina Kendall - "A Loving Bond"

Third Place

-John Turley - "Birth" SOLD, "The Second Chakra", and "Road to Golgotha"

Honorable Mentions

Elaine Evans - "Tree of Life"

Denise Clark Weston "Rocks at Embarcadero" at Newport, Oregon

Watercolor and Acrylics on Paper

First Place

Susan Marmolejo Kipp - "Jalapeno Peeper"

Second Place

Diana Thewlis - "Covid Nightmare"

Third Place

Janice Tracy - "Fiery Furnace II"

Honorable Mentions

Tao Zhou - "Waiting to Board"

Joan Giddings Turley - "Moonglow"

All Other Mediums

First Place

Richard Helmick - "Bea" Not for Sale

Second Place

Liz Walker - "The Summer Knows"

Third Place

Katey Sandy - "A Breakthrough"

Honorable Mentions

Diane Hurst - "Bird's Eye View"
Gail Hasket - "Subtle Tree"



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